Sunday, 23 May 2010

Long week!

A solid 11 days since my last post. Blogging used to be a ritual I wanted to do nearly every day! Now I forget but needless to say its something I always want to do.

Last weekend was fairly quiet. I am leaving the partying for a while due to putting some weight on. When I go out feeling bloating with my clothes being tight I don't ha
ve fun. I need to get back to being healthy, this has really slipped over the last couple of months. I am eating well again and already noticing a difference.

I had a quite start to the week but Thursday saw me heading to London to play a 'iGaming' poker night at the new Bluff Europe cardroom at the Mint Casino. I love casinos, love poker and love meeting people from the industry, so was really looking forward to it.

The casino was quite quirky as its in the centre of a bunch of big houses, see the picture above. Inside its like a small maze! It was quite nice, although could do with a bit of a refurbishment. The new poker room was great though, with plenty of space for a decent little tournament.

I had fun chatting to quite people, some I've spoken to before and some I hadn't. The poker was a bit of a crapshoot, but fun all the same. The highlight was shoving in the dark and getting called by Gene Gioia of Real Deal Poker with 99, only to flop top two with J4o. Cut n shuffle wasn't any help that time! haha!

Although as a whole the casino was a little small for my liking (hey, I'm a giant), I'll definitely go back for any other industry nights that happen.

I spent Friday night with a new romantic interest and had a fantastic evening. Her name is Anna and I'm quite taken a back with her. Definitely going to see more of her.

Saturday I played some golf with some old poker friends which was a good laugh. It was at a local pay and play course that has a par 3 course. I was quite impressed, with some holes being really tough! I shot 34, 7 over, which I am quite disappointed at but hit the ball well, just missing puts. In the evening was BBQ and comp games at Marc's house.

Today caught up on sleep and did some work. Now off for a shisha and beer in the lovely weather.

Plan this week is to play lots of squash if possible, plus practice golf in the morning. Oh, and to crush work.

Have a great week all!

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baglife said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the comment I linked you up. Anytime you want to trade Anna for the 21 year old stripper with a kid for a night YOU LET ME KNOW BUDDY!!

She’s very pretty A++ lol.

Funny I’m on the other side of the world and love shisha. It’s not as popular over here, but it has caught on a lot during the past few years. I preferred when no one knew what it was around my way, then I could act like I was doing something cool. Anyways best of luck to you. I will stop in to read occasionally.